As a premier Iowa pest control company, we offer expert pest elimination and pest prevention services to our surrounding service area.

Iowa Mosquito Treatment

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer. Let Iowa Pest & Termite Iowa mosquito treatment experts protect your family this summer. We offer barrier treatments to significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. Through our Mosquito Control & Management program, a uniformed mosquito control professional will treat your yard every 30 days. Service is automatic, and we remind you of your scheduled service ahead of time. You don’t even need to be home – we’ll leave a courtesy card informing you that your mosquito treatment has been successfully completed.

* Most mosquito treatments can be done within 20 minutes, and people and pets can safely return to the property 30 minutes after the mosquito treatment is completed.

Have an Upcoming Event?

Summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor party or event. Unfortunately, it’s also the perfect time for mosquitos to roam free, and they are notorious party crashers. Iowa Pest & Termite offers wedding and special event mosquito treatment and reduction services to better ensure a more enjoyable atmosphere for you and your guests. Approximately 24-48 hours prior to your event, our mosquito control professionals apply a barrier treatment to keep biting insects at bay. There will be no leftover odor or residue, and your guests will be protected night and day!

Our Pest Prevention Services Will Keep The Bugs Out — Guaranteed

Once pests have been eliminated from your home, we guarantee to keep them out with our pest prevention services. Our services include:

– Exterior home perimeter treatment specific to seasonal pests active at the time of service.
– Spider web removal around eaves and soffits to help reduce spider web build up.
– Broadcast bait application specific to seasonal pests active at the time of service.
– Spot application treatments behind shutters, light fixtures, and other crevices found outside the home.

Our Iowa pest control specialists will safely rid your home or business of any unwanted pests such as cockroaches, waterbugs, ants, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, and other pests commonly found in the Iowa area. Through our pest prevention services, we guarantee a pest free home. If at any time under pest prevention maintenance plan, you experience a pest infestation between regular services, we will return at no additional cost. Our guarantee covers a wide variety of pests found in our region of the Iowa area.





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If pests return, so do we, at no charge until the problem is resolved. You don’t have to live with pests, you just have to live with us removing them for good.

Residential Pest Control

As a family operated Iowa pest control company, we take pride in offering safe and affordable pest elimination services to the greater Des Moines and surrounding areas. Your pests are uninvited guests and we’ll help you evict them, for good!


Termite control is crucial for homeowners in the Iowa area. Each year, termites cost homeowners an estimated $5 billion in termite damage. That’s more than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined.

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